Elyasmen Group History


And for the same concepts, Elyasmen Group started in 2012 Cairofeed company for poultry feed and concentrates to meet our poultry farms needs and also meet the market demands.


ُElyasmen Group started in 2014 cooperation with Bigdutchman for the distribution of poultry house solutions.


Elyasmen Group started a day-old chick project with the same brand name “Cairofeed” with a total annual production reach out for 7 million day-old chick.


Elyasmen for agriculture investment established for various agriculture production fruits and vegetables.


“Gallina” poultry brand was launched.

Our vision

Keen to Providing the Egyptian Market with High-Quality, Safe, Healthy, and Reasonable Prices Products

Our mission

Applying the International Standards for Safety & Quality on All Production Stages Before Releasing Products for The Markets

Our values

  • High quality specializes product
  • Credibility Honesty
  • Development
  • Teamwork
  • Adapt to The Changing Condition of Production
  • Worker Development