In 2012 and for being integrated poultry company the importance for launching poultry feed factory was being necessary (Cairofeed for poultry feed), according to the same concept which is the main principle of our company Elyasmen Group R&D department did many experiments for reaching to the best formula for high-quality poultry feed ingredients and the most effective ratios and quantities.

  • High-quality feed-in Cairofeed has many meaning not only FCR but it also includes.
  • Intestinal integrity
  • Cost of veterinary medications
  • And other points which lead finally to cost reduction and production of the safe and healthy product either meat, milk ……. etc.
  • In 2018 we duplicate the production capacity to cover the high demand for our products.

Why Cairofeed Your Best Choice?

  • Using high-quality raw material.
  • Analyzing all raw material before starting the production process.
  • The importance of Quality -Control department efforts show either before production process to be assured about the raw material or during the production process eventually to asset the final product.
  • Being sure the final products stored appropriately before the delivery for the customers.
  • Onsite experiments for the new formulas inside the company farms before releasing products to the market.
  • Service after sales by continuous visiting for the customers to discuss their comments and solve any issues that appear.
  • Nutrition laboratory inside the factory working all time for R&D and product quality.

Cairofeed Products